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The 10 Cameras Project is a sociological art experiment concerned with issues pertaining to identity, community exchange, and the democratization of art.

Designed initially as both a commentary on gallery practices and as a qualitative study of ten participants through photographic documentation, 10CP has since developed into a larger scale sociological study and a macro examination of bartering and exchange in contemporary society. The project commenced in March 2010 when ten local creatives were each anonymously asked to shoot a roll of film.

Over the year, the project has transformed into an innovative and experimentally collaborative art exhibition that will showcase not only the original 270 photographic prints but the 10 unconventionally engaging community installations that were offered as "free exchanges" for the aforementioned 10 rolls of film.

This show and project are possible because of a number of donors and community partners including Art Space Scottsdale at Optima Camelview Village, Baron Studio, Divine Cafe, and the Arizona State University Graduate Research Grant and Support Program.

Selected press and media coverage:
10 Cameras Brings Notions of Public Art Into Focus: ASU News, 2010
Worth More Than A Quick Click-Through: Phoenix New Times 2011
Jackalope Ranch Interview with Peter Christenson: Phoenix New Times 2011
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The 10 Cameras Project Exhibition will open March 25, 2011.